What We Teach

Our Curriculum

Canterbury Preparatory has adopted the Cambridge International Primary Programme as our chosen curriculum.

The Cambridge Primary Programme was introduced in 2008 and sets clear learning objectives in English, Science, Mathematics, Global Perspectives and ICT. Additional core subjects include Art and Design, Music, Physical Education and Digital Literacy. It focuses on developing knowledge, understanding and skills, which form an excellent foundation for future study. The Cambridge approach develops students who are confident in working with information and ideas; are responsible for themselves and respectful of others; are reflective as students; who develop their ability to learn; are innovative and equipped for new and future challenges and who are intellectually and socially engaged.

A number of progression tests are built into the programme which allow teachers to assess student progress at each stage. Cambridge Primary Checkpoint is an optional test for students in the final year of the Primary phase.
In addition to following the Cambridge Curriculum, we teach additional subjects such as Robotics, Engineering and Design; Drama, Social Science, Economic Management Science, 2nd Language Afrikaans (Foreign languages are available and privately arranged).


Learning is a lifelong process and we are committed to instilling a love for it in our children. We teach to learn, not teach to assess.

Canterbury’s Assessment Policy is aligned with Cambridge Primary and is designed to reduce unnecessary stress and pressure on our students without compromising academic excellence. Students write limited cycle tests throughout the term, and Grade 6 and 7’s write formal exams in November. All senior primary students are involved in integrated projects/assessments midyear. These assessment crisscross subjects and focus on developing the key skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. We have lowered our emphasis on the amount and level of traditional formal assessments (i.e. exams) and believe, that whilst formal testing plays an important role, additional summative or “low stress” assessments also holds high value, as it is an avenue when application and thinking skills are put into practice without the emotional stress that is created from exam or tests.


Further Information

Our Cambridge Registration Number is: ZA079.

Read more on our Curriculum here: Canterbury_Curriculum.pdf

Cambridge International Certificate of Registration: International_Cert.pdf

Cambridge Primary Certificate of Registration: Primary_Cert.pdf



Canterbury Preparatory School has a formal uniform policy.



Canterbury Preparatory School follows the private school three term calendar.

Cambridge Pathway

Cambridge learners build more than just a deep understanding of their subject. Being a student of Cambridge Pathway means developing the higher order thinking skills to apply what they’ve learned. Solving problems creatively. Thinking for themselves. Doing their own research and communicating it.

Working with other people on a project they’ve designed together. The Cambridge Curriculum encourage students to develop the attributes of the Cambridge Learner – confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. And help them to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

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