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Our dedicated and caring team at our school, We are not only passionate about our methods and the Canterbury Curriculum, but more importantly, we are passionate about the children.
We endeavor to ensure your child has the best care and opportunity to grow as an individual. This is made possible by the Canterbury Preparatory Primary School Staff.

All staff are suitably qualified (Educators are SACE registered), have police clearance, and are first aid trained.


Adelle Kreusch

Head of School/ Director

I believe in the ability of every one of our Canterbury students to choose to be kind, positive and forward thinking. Students who become adults, excited and passionate about changing the world, because they believe that they are resourceful enough…


I teach because I have learnt the value of lifelong learning. Learning brings joy, purpose and hope to everyday living and I want to pass on that joy to my children. For the past 20 years, the Junior Primary…


Gail Wilcock

Grade 1

I teach because I love to see the progress that the little ones make in their first year of formal schooling and get huge satisfaction out of watching them grow and learn. With over 25 years of experience, I’m passionate about…


Somebody once asked, why do grownups say they “raise” children, when children don’t need anyone to raise them up, they are already up! I love this, and I believe it is my privilege as educator to remind children (and grownups!)…


In the classroom my ultimate is seeing the response to different fun activities and the end result of wonderful assessments. This reflects on how the children in my class thrive on learning through play and learning in a relaxed…


Desiree Munien

Grade 4 Teacher

My approach to teaching is centered around creating a safe and nurturing environment where every child is acknowledged and validated, and where their opinions and thoughts are welcomed and respected…


Azeem Rehman

Senior Primary Educator

There is no greater reward and fulfillment than seeing a child grow, develop and learn new skills. I believe in holistic growth, learning both in and out of the classroom, thus equipping children with the necessary tools for the future.


Natasja Viljoen

Senior Educator

I believe that children are the future of our world and that a great education can mean the difference between an average future and a spectacular future. I truly believe that our Canterbury kids are going to be the future…


Kirti Jewan

Senior Primary Educator

I teach because, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela. It is an electrifying feeling to be part of the education revolution whereby we equip our children with the skills like…


Caitlin Balt

Senior Primary Educator

Children have the right to an education, but it is our responsibility as educators to inspire children to love learning, through passion and patience. Every day is a new opportunity for learners to take an…


Amy Deerans


It is such a privilege to be able to be a part of a child’s journey as they grow. I believe that a great education is so much more than just academics. When children leave my class I want them…


Kyle Deerans


Education is pivotal. It can make or break a nation. We have an exclusive chance to equip children with an excellent education (academic and skills focused), to not only be successful in their personal lives but to positively impact on…


Claire Bennett


From Canterbury Prep’s inception, I have wanted our school to be in the position to be able to transform lives, to give back to the community and the world. I want…


Daksha Hira

Finance Manager

I started at Canterbury in 2016 working part time in the finance department. The school has afforded me the opportunity to grow in the fields of finance and…


Sharon Misihairabwi


Being at Canterbury is such a dynamic learning experience for me as I love being of service to the parents, children and staff. I desire to see children happy and flourishing and so working with a team of dedicated and…

Support Staff


Damian Meyer

Rock Remotely

Music speaks to everyone when words fail. Wherever you go in the world, it is understood.Its power to connect people is without question. Why I like teaching music.  I can make an actual difference in a student’s life by teaching …

Pixie Mountjoy

Nikki Meyer

Lingual Express

Learning a language can create many opportunities in ones lifetime and career. For children, learning a new language has fantastic benefits to their growth and opening their minds to new cultures. It improves memory, critical-thinking …

Pixie Mountjoy

Annelie Naude’

Playball/Phys Ed

My name is Annelie Naude’ and I am passionate about teaching.I love working with children and that is why I enjoy teaching sport and movement skills to children to develop them in every area of their lives…


JoAnne Twala

Sunshine Drama Club

There are many sentimental and practical reasons why human beings need music. We all use music in different ways. How we worship, to create a mood or an ambiance, to evoke a memory, or simply bring about joy. Research has shown that …