Magdeleen Enslin

Grade 2

Somebody once asked, why do grownups say they “raise” children, when children don’t need anyone to raise them up, they are already up! I love this, and I believe it is my privilege as educator to remind children (and grownups!) of their innate creativity and amazing selves. We all perform at our best when we feel safe, seen and heard and I strive to make my classroom, inside or outside, a safe place where we are allowed to speak, feel, think, question, disagree, agree, create, laugh and learn in a space of respect, belonging and care. Over the last 20 years I’ve worked in the communication and education industries and I have gotten to know people well – big people, little people, teachers, parents, leaders and followers. Our self-respect and self-esteem are rooted in our childhood, and I love to see children unfold into kindness and respect for themselves, others and our environment. We are blessed that Canterbury shares these same values.